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tv   The Early Show  CBS  April 23, 2011 8:00am-10:00am EDT

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good morning. st. louis tornadoes. a twister rips through the city's airport, lifting a roof off a terminal building stranding passengers, and damaging cars. several people are reported injured. thousands are without power. we'll have a live report. holiday gas prices. with the average price of a gallon nearing $4 nationwide american families are sticking closer to home this easter weekend. how high could these prices eventually climb? we'll talk to an industry insider. and royal guest list. just six days before the wedding of prince william and kate middleton, the official guest list has been released.
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we'll tell you who made the final cut, and take a look at the couple's plans before they walk down the aisle friday at westminster abbey. all that and more "early" this saturday morning, april 23rd, 2011. captioning funded by cbs a bit rainy in new york city. good morning to you. welcome to "the early show," i'm rebecca jarvis. >> and i'm russ mitchell. talked to some friends in my hometown of st. louis today. rough night there. >> very rough night. we're going to follow that story coming up here. all flights are being diverted this morning from lambert st. louis international airport after an apparent tornado tore through the airport last night. several people were injured. the same storm system battered other parts of the st. louis area, and maggie crane of our station louis station kmov joins us. sorry to hear about the trouble there. what is the latest on your end? >> well you know it's bad when
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the guys in the control tower up there spot the tornado, and they've got planes on the tarmac. right now, the big issue is just the cleanup effort. let me show you, because you're hearing a lot of noise around here. you've got street sweepers and also folks using just like a leaf blower to get this glass out of the way. lambert international airport is full of windows. there are windows from floor to ceiling on every end of the airport. and 50% of these windows blew out. some blew in causing some minor lacerations to passengers, and people waiting in the airport. and they had to be transported, about four people transported by ambulance, three others treated here at the airport. miraculously, nothing too serious. let me tell you this there were three planes full of people on the tarmac when the twister came through. and they tell me that -- let's just put it this way, you don't expect to have turbulence on the ground. you expect that to happen in the
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air. those airplanes will be checked out, of course today, to make sure that they are okay to fly. but, no flights are coming in or out of lambert for at least several days. none today, none tomorrow. the airport hopes to re-evaluate on monday. but the big problem is a lot of the stuff that you might be seeing seems superficial. but it will take building engineers to get inside and make sure that the building is stable enough to have workers and passengers come back through. rebecca? >> good point, maggie crane of our cbs station kmov in st. louis. thank you. now over to russ. >> thank you very much rebecca. this easter weekend gas prices just keep going higher and higher. in the past month the national average cost of a gallon is up a whopping 30 cents. as holiday travelers hit the road, these escalating prices may force them to stay closer to home. cbs news correspondent whit johnson now joins us live from the lutherville, maryland area outside of baltimore with the very latest. good morning, whit. >> russ good morning to you.
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well not only are gas prices high, but they're the highest they've ever been in the month of april. a decline in travel this easter weekend could be a sign of what's to come. for many americans, this year's spring break also means a break from driving. >> $5 a gallon, i'm going to start walking. you know. unless i have to go out of the area. but it's ridiculous. you know i'm on a fixed income and i can't afford it. >> reporter: gas in the u.s. now averages $3.84 a gallon. 30 cents more than a month ago. $1 higher than last year. in six state the average tops $4 a gallon. a holiday weekend game changer. one that not only affects gas consumers, but those who sell it. >> a couple of years ago i'd see rvs and boats and all of these big cars ready for summer. i don't see -- can't even count. you hardly see any at all. >> reporter: it's that economic ripple effect, and outcry from the public that's prompted the
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white house to take action. this week president obama launched a justice department task force, assigned to investigate fraud and manipulation in oil markets. gas prices hit their record high of $4.11 a gallon in july of 2008. the impact on travel then was across the board. >> also if you think back that was the time period in which air likes began to implement some of the fees on services that used to be complimentary. that was the first time we started to see baggage fees. >> reporter: but gas prices have never been this high this early in the year. in april of 2008 prices were more than 30 cents less than they are today. and the summer driving season is only weeks away. >> some will travel and offset those costs of gasoline staying at cheaper hotels eating at cheaper restaurants, traveling shorter distances. staying shorter amounts of time. >> reporter: aaa releases its first travel survey of the year
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ahead of memorial day weekend. that's when we'll get our first real indication of how these gas prices are affecting the traveling public. russ? >> all right. whit johnson outside baltimore. thanks a lot. rebecca? >> thank you, russ. and now john hoffmeister joins us. he is former president of shell oil and founder of citizens for affordable energy, an oil industry group pushing for increased oil exploration. he joins us live now from houston, texas. good morning, mr. hoffmeister. >> good morning, rebecca. >> when we spoke back in december on this program, you predicted prices would hit $5 a gallon by 2012. now at some pumps in the country we're actually seeing those levels. how high do you think prices could go this year? >> well this year i think we're pretty close to topping out. we could get over $4 for the nation but what i'm really worried about is the outer years of 2012 2013 because what the president can't do anything about is demand in asia. the president can't do anything about tension in the middle east.
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what the president could do something about is to increase domestic production in this country, which he doesn't seem to want to do. and so when you have a problem like this you take matters into your own hands in order to fix it. >> the president this week did take matters into his hands. he's formulated this task force to root out speculators and manipulation of the oil markets. you obviously don't think that's enough. and your goal here with your organization citizens for affordable energy is to increase domestic oil production. are there not other modes, however, of ways to cut back on prices here in the united states? >> about the only thing that people can do is cut back usage. but even that will not change demand in asia, or tension in the middle east. so we could cut back consumption, but global prices still rise. the president's assigning of the task force is fine. only idiots break the law under this kind of a situation. there are knuckleheads out there
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that may do something stupid, but that doesn't solve the problem. the real problem is the demand is greater than the supply and if you don't affect the supply side, you end up with these high prices and they don't go away. unless you go in to recession. >> well back at the beginning of the year when prices were $100 a barrel supply was running near all-time highs in our reserves here in the united states. we had more than enough supply to get by. >> and the economy is recovering. and demand has picked up even more. but what people have to get used to rebecca, asian demand is going through the roof and if we're not producing domestic new sources, then we're going to have to pull in imports, just like the people in china, and india, are pulling in and that puts pressure on what's available, and that's where the price rise comes from. >> what do you think about the argument that the federal reserve has this zero interest rate policy which induces banks to borrow for practically
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nothing, and then end up putting that money into investments, commodities like oil, and that's why not only oil is going up but commodities across the board from corn to cotton to coffee are also rising. >> i think that they're absolutely correct. it is people who are storing their money in price rising commodities. but in addition, it's the weakness of the dollar. our national deficit contributes to the weakness of the dollar and we buy oil in dollars. and so as the dollar depresses, the number of dollars americans pay for that crude oil goes up because it's coming in, not from the u.s. it's coming in from foreign countries. >> john hoffmeister, we appreciate you being with us this morning. now here's russ. >> thank you. >> rebecca, thank you very much. we turn now to the growing vie sense in syria. this morning thousands are chanting overthrow the regime at funerals for protesters killed on friday. it wassed bloodiest day yet in the month-long uprising. security forces fired into the crowds killing at least 88 people. president obama denounced the
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bloodshed saying the united states condemns in the strongest possible terms the use of force by the syrian government against demonstrators. this outrageous use of violence to quell protests must come to an end right now. joining us from washington is cbs news national security analyst juan zarate. good morning to you. >> good morning, russ. >> president assad has been all over the place in the way he deals with these protesters. why do you think yesterday became so violent? >> i think what you've seen russ, is an escalating vicious cycle of protests and repression by the regime. assad has tried to placket the protesters and release pressure by declaring that the emergency law no longer is going to be in place allowing protests. but the reality is they want to hold onto power. and as the protests have grown, the repression has grown, as well. and so that's why you've seen escalating violence over the last month and a half brought to a head yesterday, which may be a tipping point, as we're seeing today with more protests in syria. >> now that the government has gone down this road you expect this sort of violence to continue? >> absolutely. i don't see this abating any
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time soon. what you've seen over the past month and a half has been the protests spreading throughout syria, including to the suburbs of damascus. you've seen the repression in various parts of syria increasing. you're now seeing the youtube videos of the troops and security forces firing on the protesters. and i see this as just increasing over time and reaching a real tipping point in terms of the violence that we're seeing in syria. >> of course syria shares a border with israel. how nervous are folks in israel this morning? >> well i think israel's quite nervous about the instability in the region at large. certainly there's no love loss for the assad regime. the regime that is friends and a proxy for iran houses groups like hamas and palestinian islamic jihad. but, the problem for israel is this is the devil they know. they are also worried about the instability that follows if, for example, the assad regime falls. and so israel's quite worried about the enemy that their borders and the instability around in their neighborhoods,
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and i think they're very wary about what's happening in the region hoping for the best but not quite sure what happens next. >> two good questions, we just pointed out that president obama condemned the attacks by the government yesterday. do you see a point where the international community and the u.s. specifically has to step in from a military standpoint? >> well i'm not so sure militarily. but i think there will be a point here very shortly, once the violence continues to increase, and we're going to see more and more images of that where the administration and the international community is going to have to not only say more but do more. and there's more that can be done, other than militarily. we have a diplomat an ambassador in damascus he can be recalled. there can be a human rights campaign. we can search for the assets of the assad regime and their cronies. there's a whole host of pressure points that we haven't placed on the regime yet that could be part of a declaration of the illegitimacy of the assad regime that hasn't happened yet. so i think that's to come. >> juan zarate joining us from washington. as always thanks a lot. >> thanks russ. >> russ thank you.
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in libya this morning explosions have been heard in the capital of tripoli, possibly from nato air attacks. missile strikes next to moammar gadhafi's compound reveal what looks like a series of underground bunkers. and there may be changes in the battle in misrata. cbs news correspondent allen pizzey has the latest from benghazi, libya. good morning, allen. >> good morning, rebecca. libyan rebels have had their best week for some time in the wake of the high profile visit and pledges of support from senator john mccain. they've made significant advances on the battlefront in misrata. rebel fighters seized control of a building that had been used by gadhafi loyalist snipers. the libyan government has implied it will pull its regular forces back from what a spokesman characterized as a surgical solution to the revolt in misrata, and leave it to local tribes to carry on the fight against rebels holding out in the city. >> we will not solve the problem in misrata, then the people will
8:14 am
move them and they will talk to the rebels if they don't settle it then they will engage in the fight. >> reporter: gadhafi's compound in tripoli was hit last night. what appears to have been two precision bombs struck an open area leaving small craters and holes in what looked very much like the top of a reinforced bunker. the complex is known to have bunkers and tunnels under it built by engineers from the former yugoslavia many years ago. the official libyan version was that a water storage facility was hit and three civilians were killed. the gadhafi regime is also noticeably concerned about the news that armed predator drones are to be introduced into the conflict. their greater accuracy and ability to hit specific targets will make gadhafi's heavy weaponry vulnerable, even in urban areas. the same might be said of pitting tribe against tribe. although the tactic is a clever if cynical one, with the removal of regular forces on the battlefield, and civilians going in ther nato air strikes will
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have an even harder time targeting who they want to hit and who they want to help. even with the precision predator drones. russ? >> allen pizzey in libya. thank you very much. more than two weeks ago in libya, james foley was arrested along with two other journalists, including american claire gillis. his family has still not heard from him and is desperate for answers. joining us from boston are john's parents, john sr. and diane foley. >> good morning. >> as we pointed out you have not spoken to your son. but i know you've spoken to the family of claire gillis. what have they told you about how your son is doing? >> claire is really the best source of our information. and she said when she last saw jim on tuesday of this week he was in good condition. they were separated on tuesday. >> they were separated on tuesday. >> mr. foley, what was your son doing the day he was arrested? >> well our best understanding is that he and the three other journalists were driving from
8:16 am
benghazi to brega to get closer to the active fighting that was going on in that city. along the way, they were caught in the cross fire that was intended to stop the car. they got out to take cover and were abducted at that point. >> mr. foley, is there any evidence that your son was specifically targeted? >> i don't think so. no. >> i got you. this has been a tough week for journalists in libya. tim hetherington, the filmmaker and chris hondros, the photographer, were killed. tell us about your son -- >> it's very dangerous work. >> very dangerous. tell us about your son and why did heny it's important that he's there? >> well jim is a very passionate young man. he really wants to get the news of conflicts to the united states audience, really. so that we can better understand what's occurring in these countries. >> he has been a war correspondent for four years. let me ask both of you, when he first told you he wanted to do
8:17 am
this what went through your head? >> well he graduated in 2007 and at that point decided that he wanted to be a war correspondent. he actually didn't tell us until he told us that he was going to iraq with the indiana national guard. at that point we wished him well, and he was very happy to begin his career in that regard. >> the state department has been working on your son. are you confident they're doing everything they possibly can to free him? >> it's a very you know demanding world here for the state department. but, yes, certainly the state department the turkish embassy, you know global posts, media, you folks have all been helping us to get the word out. but we're terribly concerned that jim and claire are still imprisoned in libya in the midst of the terrible conflict going on there. >> and we haven't had any phone calls nor any independent assessment or evaluation of jim and/or claire. >> i understand. what gets you through these
8:18 am
days? what's next for you as a family? >> our faith in god. and our amazing friends and family. jim's friends have put up a website called which has a petition that people can sign to advocate for their release. it's really our good people and our faith that are helping us through all this. >> mr. and mrs. foley, thank you so much for joining us today. the best of luck to you. we'll be thinking about you. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you very much. >> you take care. it is 18 minutes past the hour. time to get a look at the rest of the morning headlines. cbs news correspondent and "morning news" anchor betty nguyen is at the news desk. >> good morning russ and rebecca. good morning to you. the fbi has released new pictures of a possible suspect in wednesday's fire at a colorado mall where they found an unexploded pipe bomb and propane tanks. the surveillance video show a man riding a bus away from the mall in littleton on tuesday evening, the night before the
8:19 am
fire. police are trying to determine whether there is a link between the fire and the 12th anniversary of the shootings and nearby columbine high school. newly released e-mails from the college attended by tucson mass shooting suspect jared laucher in provide more questions than answers. loughner pleaded not guilty to killing six people along with wounding congresswoman gabrielle giffords and 12 others last january. the 900 page collection of e-mails from school administrators shows huge sections blocked out from the hours and days after the shooting. congresswoman giffords is recovering in houston and hopes to attend her husband's space shuttle launch in florida on friday. a vicious beating caught on videotape goes viral. it happened at a baltimore area mcdonald's. two young women, including a 14-year-old, are facing charges for allegedly kicking and punching the victim. a mcdonald's employee and later a female customer tried to intervene. the maryland state attorney says the racial dynamics of the case
8:20 am
could result in hate crime charges. the restaurant issued a statement condemning the violence. now to the latest in the lindsay lohan legal drama. the actress was released from jail on $75,000 bail last night, just hours after she was sentenced to 120 days behind bars on a probation violation for stealing a designer necklace. juan fernandez from our los angeles station kcbs reports. >> reporter: lindsay lohan spent less than four hours at the l.a. county jail before posting jail. earlier in the day, judge stephanie sautner ruled there was enough evidence that lohan violated her probation. but the judge reduced the felony grand theft charge regarding the now infamous theft of a $2500 necklace to a misdemeanor. prosecutors in the case were not happy with the judge's decision. >> she already received 90 days in county jail on prior violations. and she continues to violate the law. >> reporter: also not happy with the ruling the defense. >> everybody's mad at poor judge
8:21 am
sautner today. the defendant's appealing for a ruling on the sentence. and the d.a. is appealing for a ruling reducing the new charge from a felony to a misdemeanor. everyone is saying that in one way or another, stephanie sautner abused her discretion. >> reporter: judge sautner said what lohan did was brazenly stupid or not paying attention to anything. the judge agreed lohan has snubbed her nose at the law before but said the crime did not fit the felony criteria. lohan may have dodged one bullet but will still have to serve 480 hours of community service. 120 of those at the l.a. county morgue. the rest at a women's center. lindsay lohan is expected to start her community service one and a half weeks after she's eventually released from jail. now she is scheduled to start filming a movie later this year in new york city. where she plays the wife of mob boss john gotti. for cbs news, i'm juan fernandez, los angeles. it's 21 minutes past the hour. now here's russ and rebecca. >> betty, thank you. and now here's lonnie quinn with our first check
8:22 am
weather in our area will be pretty damp at least in the early going then we see temperatures warming up.
8:23 am
temperatures going up to 70- degrees. we do settle down a little. 60 degrees tonight with a chance of passing showers. 82 tomorrow with the sun returning and then 80 >> all right, gang make it a great day wherever you are. russ rebecca, it's your show now. >> thank you, lonnie. we appreciate it. >> of course london is buzzing with preparations for the wedding of prince william and kate middleton. it's only six days until they tie the knot. imagine that. >> and not since the wedding of charles and diana, almost 30 years ago, has there been just so much excitement about a royal wedding. about 750 million people watched charles and di get married. over a billion are expected to watch the wedding between wills and kate. and coming up we're going to take you inside the wedding of the century. also, the guest list is out. >> that is true. >> so we got that big, breaking news this morning. >> none of us is on it. imagine that. >> well. >> this is the "early" show on cbs.
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here's what people are talking about. two teenagers are facing serious charges after a video of them severely beating a woman inside aball her county mcdonalds goes viral. the suspects ages 14 and 18 are seen stomping and kicking a woman inside the rosedale restaurant. when they arrived the victim was suffering from an apparent seizure. the victim is now recovering at franklin square hospital. the search for phylicia barnes is over. police found phylicia's body wednesday morning. they also found a body of a man floating four miles away. police are not sure how or if they are connected.
8:28 am
investigators say phylicia had no visible signs of trauma. forensics could take two weeks to complete. the ad campaign seems to be working. ticket sales are already up 14% compared to last year. the ad features a centurp president 136 running is on may 21st. let's look at the first morning forecast. 70 degrees today and then tonight 60
8:29 am
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rain in new york city on this day before easter. looking at central park. down central park south. gloomy day in new york. not as bad as it was in the midwest overnight. >> that is definitely true hard to top what's happening in the midwest. >> welcome back to the "early" show. i'm russ mitchell. >> and i'm rebecca jarvis. we are talking about this dilemma. it is facing so many households. should you get rid of your home phone and just use your cell phone? interesting thing to ask people here. because about half the people are doing it. half of them aren't. well, look at what you can actually by doing this differently. you can save a lot of money. we're going to walk you through
8:31 am
it and talk you through the decision. because there's some pros and cons to both sides. >> also coming up one of the sad facts of life you get old. millions of baby boomers and jen-xors are doing their best to deny the effects of father time. we've got advice on how to easily accept the aging process and look at it in a more positive way. >> there are plenty of ways to look at it russ. >> thank you very much rebecca. but first this morning, only six days left until the royal wedding next friday with a worldwide audience expected to reach 1 billion. prince william and kate middleton will walk down the aisle at westminster abbey. and we have a bit of breaking news this morning, as the official guest list has been released. it includes a few surprises. joining us from buckingham palace with an inside look at the final days the days before the wedding is cbs news royal contributor victoria arbiter. good to see you. >> good morning, russ. good to be talking to you. >> well tell me about this guest list. who is on it? >> well we have confirmation on a selected few on the guest
8:32 am
list. included it shows how very thoughtful this couple are. we've got a number of injured servicemen included, as well as the families of two of william's colleagues who did lose their lives in afghanistan. nice to see them on the list. celebrities, we've got confirmation on david and victoria beckham, elton john and his partner david furnish, guy ritchie, rowan atkinson and new names not been talked about before jess stone. she did perform at the diana memorial concert in 2007. >> no rebecca jarvis on the list, i'm guessing? >> i didn't see rebecca's name today but it's only selected few that have been confirmed. >> you might want to check that again. do you know anything about the seating plans at this point? >> we do. we do. a lot of people in the abbey are going to be restricted to seeing the wedding service on television screens, scattered around. but the families will be up at the front near the couple. the queen will be sitting in the front row on one side, along with prince philip charles and camilla and harry. the rest of the royal family will be behind her along with visiting european royalty. opposite the royal family will
8:33 am
be the middletons and behind them the spencer family including earl spencer who will be there with his soon to be third wife american philanthropist karen gordon. >> tell us about the bells that we'll be hearing during the ceremony. >> this really surprised me this morning, russ. we learned that the bells are going to toll for three hours following the service. they'll be at a full pale which is only performed for very important royal, national and abbey occasions. a full pale has more than 5,000 sequences and it's going to be quite an endurance test because they are not rung by computer. there will be ten bell ringers all being led by a conductor for the full three hours. >> let's talk about the night before the wedding. we're presuming they're not going to be staying together that night. what are each one of them going to be doing. >> nope each one of them will be spending the night before the wedding quietly with family. kate will be at the five-star luxury goring hotel, which is just around the corner from buckingham palace. obviously she'll be leaving from there the next morning. and william will be having a quiet night with charles and harry at clarence house. it's very rare that the three of them get to be together. their schedules are crazy.
8:34 am
so it will be nice have some quiet time the night before the wedding. >> i known kate was seen this week buying a couple of bikinis. does that say anything about where the honeymoon may be? >> well, it's been great fun seeing all the speculation in terms of honeymoon destinations. we're guessing somewhere hot just because of the items that she's bought this week. but we've had everything from corfu to transylvania. that was thrown out this week. prince charles does have an estate there. but i don't know that they'll be visiting transylvania. my guess is either must eke or kenya where they're guaranteed some privacy. >> we've got the results of a "new york times" poll. is it acceptable for kate middleton to have a job after her marriage? this was a poll conducted in the uk. acceptable, 52%. not acceptable, 39%. victoria, are you surprised at those results? >> well i'm just surprised by this poll question, to be honest. because everybody knows that the royal family works incredibly hard. they just don't have a 9:00 to 5:00 job like regular people i suppose. but to give you an example of the type of year kate can
8:35 am
expect. last year princess anne did over 500 public engagements. the queen at 85 did 400 public engagements. so kate is going to be worker harder than she probably ever has with unsociable hours thrown into the mix. she will be working, just not a regular job that you or i would have. >> victoria how would you describe the buzz there six days out? >> oh, there's no question that the anticipation is really building. there's numerous people in town. in fact outside buckingham palace it's been six times the normal people were would expect at the changing of the guards. partly because it's easter weekend but partly because everyone is flocking into town for the big day. there's a real sense of excitement. >> victoria arbiter, thanks a lot. check that list one more time for rebecca. i'm sure it's just an oversight on your part. >> thanks russ. all next week erica hill will be live from london on "the early show." cbs news live coverage 6 the royal wedding begins friday april 29th at 4:00 a.m. mr. lonnie quinn has another check of the weather. >> russ i've got to tell you
8:36 am
the word is rebecca is going and i hear she's sitting at elton's table. is that right? >> we're all so wrong about that. if that's the case my invitation hasn't come. >> well you know the mail service. here's the deal in terms of your weather headlines the green mountains of vermont today going to be a little white. a little bit of snow out there. for the south going to be a little hot. some of you will hit the temperature mark of 90 degrees or more later on today. and in between, those air masses will clash. and there is the potential, okay for some severe weather today from the tennessee valley into the ohio valley and then this front, all right, i'm sort of tracing with my line right there. that line of wet weather, really not going to move a lot for your day tomorrow. of course tomorrow is easter so let's show you what we're talking about for your easter. we're going to find yep, it's good easter egg hunting for the northern plains. but a little on the chilly side. temperatures in the 50s for you. then you go way down south, all right? talk about having a summer barbecue for easter because temperatures upper 80s, 90 degrees or more for some. in between, where those air masses clash you get wet
8:37 am
weather. so rain on the bonnet from the panhandle of oklahoma all the way to portions of pennsylvania and new york state. all right, everybody, you have a great day. happy easter. rebecca, over to you. >> lonnie, thank you. and you have a land line right? >> i do not have a land line. >> you don't have a land line? >> no i'm strictly cell phone guy. up next we're talking about whether or not people shouldd be going exclusively wireless. the pros and cons of getting rid of that land line. this is "the early show" on cbs.
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to match? membership rewards points from american express. use them to get the things you love from, and more unexpected places. they're a social currency with endless possibilities. in this morning's "moneywatch," is it time to lose your home phone? a new study says nearly a quarter of americans in america now have only a wireless phone. so when is this cost effective
8:41 am
to get rid of your land line? here with some advice is personal finance expect carmen wong ulrich. great to have you with us carmen. >> good morning. >> i thought it was really fascinating in this study to see that there are sort of clusters of areas, regions in the country, where that land line use has really dropped off. in particular in the midwest. >> in the midwest, especially. arkansas, almost 36% of folks are wireless only. whereas in rhode island it's closer to around 13%. there are really three factors at play here. one is the affordability of cell phones. folks with tight budgets are less likely to be able to carry a land line and a cell phone. that's regional as well. but age is a big factor. especially in the northeast, where folks are older, they're less likely to have the cell phone. 44% of folks between the age of 18 and 30 are wireless only. >> 44%? >> that's a huge number. and a lot of young adults will never have a land line in their lives. now also in terms of renters versus homeowners. renters, 47% of renters are wireless-only. >> because they're moving around
8:42 am
all the time. >> they're more mobile. >> there are advantages though still, to having a land line certainly. what are some of them. >> well here'ses thing. i hear this from a lot of folks including my own family. reception. in your home if you don't have good reception, you can't beat a land line of course. there are other factors, screening solicitor calls is a big one because you have the caller i.d. and you can basically direct them to that phone instead of your cell phone. and also in terms of the flat rate per month, because a lot of folks can't beat that. because you don't have overage charges. and 911 emergency calls. that's a very important one. >> that is important. and obviously there are certain precautionary measures people should be taking if they are sticking to that only the wireless phone. what would you recommend? >> here's the thing. battery. that's the problem. with your land line your phone, even if it's a wireless land line that's going to last for days, the battery, whereas your cell phone, that's not going to happen. so make sure that you have a backup battery available. also call and register with your local emergency management services. you can do that by just searching online with your zip
8:43 am
code. the fcc put into effect a mandate that all of the 911 emergency lines needed to be upgraded to be able to track cell phones. the problem is it's very regional. they don't have the money to do it. so you can call and see if you're up to date. if not within about five years everyone should be. >> that would mean if you call in the case of an emergency, 911, they can actually, in five years potentially. >> in some counties actually are very up to date on this and they can pinpoint your location. >> obviously more and more people are turning to use the cell phone in addition to that land line. so it's like not one at the exclusion of the other when it comes to actually use being the wireless. talk about some of the price differentials here when it comes to land line versus cell phone. >> here's the thing with the land line you're paying between where between $29 to $59. well over a year that's around $600 of savings. so it makes a big difference. now in terms of your cell phone, of course that varies widely. but part of the reason why cell phones are so pervasive is because they're inexpensive. there's so much competition. here's the thing, check in, see
8:44 am
when is the last time you looked at your cell phone plan. has it been over a year? you've got to go check. go to lower my bills dotcom bill and make sure your usage matches the system and the plan that you have. a lot of times you'll say, i don't use that many text messages or you don't use that many minutes or maybe you look at your statement over the past couple months and see, i've been using too many minutes, ajust your plan accordingly, and do this pretty often. try to do it every six months and basically you can save a lot of money. >> that's great advice. i've even called up my cell phone provider and said tell me what am i using here and do you have a plan that would be more in line with that so i'm not overusing or underusing. do you think, ultimately, in ten years' time, land lines are still going to be around carmen? >> probably not as much. ten years, maybe they're going to be around a little bit. kind of like rotary phones. but in 20 years i think they'll probably disappear. once we're up to speed in terms of 911 registry and emergencies, i don't think we'll see land lines anymore. >> you heard it here first on "the early show." carmen wong ulrich. thank you so much. we really appreciate it. have a great weekend.
8:45 am
and for more on the smartest ways to go wireless visit our sister website, and now here's russ. >> thanks rebecca. up next, baby boomers in denial. how to come to grips with growing old. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. swollen joints i've been in your shoes. one day i'm on p of the world... the next i'm saying... i have this thing called psoriatic arthritis. i had some intense pain. it progressively got worse. my rheumatologist told me about enbrel. i'm surprised how quickly my symptoms have been managed. [ male announcer ] because enbrel suppresses your immune system it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis lymphoma, other cancers and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores have had hepatitis b have been treated for heart failure, or if, while on
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in this morning's "healthwatch," growing old gracefully. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger admits he's not thrilled about being 63 years old. he said when i stand in front of the mirror and really look i wonder, what happened here? he's not alone. here with advice on how to accept the hands of time did "early" show contributor and psychologist dr. jennifer hartstein. good to see you. >> good morning. >> as we said the governor is not alone here. a lot of folks feel this way. >> absolutely. he is not unique in his stance. i think in this culture we're all worried about getting older, how we look getting older, how we feel. and change is really difficult. aging is all about change so we have to figure out how to manage that. it's really not the most fun thing. >> he still looks pretty good. he's not mr. olympia, mr. universe anymore but he still looks great. >> absolutely.
8:49 am
>> in general you've got some tips to give us. how can you avoid getting down in the dumps about growing older? >> i think the first thing you want to do is look back on your life. look at the accomplishments that you've had. if you've had things you're proud of and really relish in those. also if you've had trying times, look at the lessons that you've learned, and then how you can put them into play later. so you want to really continue to learn and build on the things that have happened over the course of your life to make you feel better and proud and motivated to maybe try something new, do something else, feel content in where you are. >> you talk about the youth oriented culture. but that's always been around in many respects, right? >> it has. but i think in this day and age it's even more so. you don't see a lot of older actresses. we're starting to see a shift in this, people like meryl streep and things like that. but overall we don't see a lot of older people in the media. once you get to a certain age, the younger people come behind you and push you out. so there is this media obsessed image that we're supposed to all reach. and we can't, it's impossible at a certain age. >> you just touched on this. do men and women handle this differently? are men and women treated differently? >> i do think so.
8:50 am
in days of old, not so old, really but -- >> what a pun. days of old. >> we had men who were really looking at the accomplishments they had in the workplace. and so they didn't necessarily look at the appearance whereas that was where women were focused. today we have studies showing that men are getting plastic surgery much more looking at their appearance much more. that's really what schwarzenegger's comment talks to and women are catching up in the workplace and in the money sphere. so i think it's starting to become more of a balance that men and women are equally worried about this. whereas before i think men were more worried about the success workwise. >> imagine actresses, men and women are treated differently. >> absolutely. we absolutely are treated differently. some men as they age they look distinguished and some women just look old. so it's really a matter of finding that balance and feeling good in your skin and then that projects out to other people. >> okay. you've got some tips to help us come to terms with growing old. number one take care of yourself. >> exactly.
8:51 am
eat right, and take preventive measures. you want to start to get tested for diseases that could happen more when you're older and get those addressed. if you're taking care of them now when you're in your 50s or 60s, you'll have a better handle on that. >> number two, be optimistic. >> studies show the more positive you are the better aging you will have. so if you -- it holds off heart disease in many people. it can hold off dieabetesdiabetes. so be positive. look to the brighter side. make lemonade out of lemons and you will feel better in the long run. >> push your limits. when i saw this i thought of president george h.w. bush who goes sky diving. >> absolutely. he's a great example. figure out that thing you really wanted to do and see if you can do it. it could be as simple as buying rosetta stone language tapes and learning a new language or going sky diving. but find something that's going to allow you to do something new. >> be social you say. >> you want to be around positive people. we all know that being around positive people will extend your life. but generally just be social. if you are with people you will feel better you will feel more connected. you will feel more positive about your own future.
8:52 am
>> and your final tip, something you can't avoid. accept it. >> accept it. this is so hard. right? who wants to get older? who wants to look older. but the fact is it's going to happen anyway. change is hard. you may not accept it in the moment. but you've got to figure out how to say, okay, this is happening, how am i going to make the most of it? how am i going to look my best and feel my best? >> are people taking longer to feel this way? 40 was considered old. do people feel older older now? >> it's interesting. because what we also hear is it used to be 30 and then it was 40 is the new 30 and 50 is the new 40. so i think there's this interesting element that we are feeling better longer. so the age that we are not wanting to be is getting later. so, i don't know. you know it's hard to say. >> okay. jen hartstein, as always, thank you very much. >> thanks russ. >> appreciate it. >> for more healthy aging tips you can go to our partner in health and search aging grossfully. one day before easter a rare look inside one of the most sacred places on earth with "60 minutes" bob simon. that's coming up tomorrow on "60 minutes." we'll have a preview in just a
8:53 am
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on this day before easter, we are getting a rare look at something that the world hasn't seen in 30 years. monks chanting in what is believed to be the most sacred place on earth. coming up "60 minutes" correspondent bob simon is going to be telling us what it was like to be allowed access to this rare holy land. it's mount athos in greece.
8:57 am
an incredible place and he got incredible access to the monks and the location. >> it's all coming up. here's what people are talking about. two teenagers are facing serious charges after a video of them severely beating a woman inside aball her county mcdonalds goes viral. the suspects ages 14 and 18 are seen stomping and kicking a woman inside the rosedale restaurant. when they arrived the victim was suffering from an apparent seizure. the victim is now recovering at franklin square hospital. the search for phylicia barnes is over. police found phylicia's body wednesday morning. they also found a body of a man floating four miles away. police are not sure how or if they are connected.
8:58 am
investigators say phylicia had no visible signs of trauma. forensics could take two weeks to complete. the ad campaign seems to be working. ticket sales are already up 14% compared to last year. the ad features a centurp president 136 running is on may 21st. let's look at the first morning forecast. 70 degrees today and then tonight 60 degrees. bett
8:59 am
9:00 am
and welcome to "the early show" on this saturday morning as we take a look at central park. and kind of a gloomy day. >> it's a little dreary in new york city. welcome i'm rebecca jarvis good morning. >> bad weather in the midwest. people in and around st. louis are cleaning up from a storm system that battered the area with high winds and possible tornadoes last night. some of the worst damage was at lambert airport which is closed. several people were hurt. maggie crane of our cbs/st. louis station kmov is at the st. louis airport. maggie, an iconic airport there, of course. what's the latest?
9:01 am
>> well blown-out windows is really the big thing here russ as you know. floor-to-ceiling windows throughout much of the entire terminal here. and about half of them are gone. that's where people were injured. because these windows blew in and some people suffered some minor lacerations. in all, four people transported to the hospital by ambulance. but nothing too serious. really quite miraculous, all things considered. cleanup is the big thing on the bill today. we're going in to about hour 11 after this twister came through. even planes were left on the tarmac there were three planes full of passengers sitting on that tarmac when the tornado blew through. they said it was almost like having turbulence on the ground. something you certainly don't expect. you expect that in the air, but not sitting on the ground. everybody is okay. but those planes will have to be checked out. the big thing is getting the glass out at this point. getting all of that out so then all these windows can start to be replaced and the rain that we are still having come down will be okay.
9:02 am
russ? >> maggie you were saying the airport is closed there for a couple days? and lambert is really the only game in town. so if you're flying in to st. louis, if you plan on flying in to st. louis, you're not getting there, right? >> you got it. you're going to have to go to kansas city or even to chicago, and drive at this point. nothing's coming in today or tomorrow. monday is a pretty ambitious day to even think about getting lambert back up and running. >> okay. maggie crane in st. louis. thanks a lot. >> and now for more of the morning's headlines let's head over to cbs news correspondent and "morning news" anchor betty nguyen at the news desk. >> good morning, rebecca and russ. nato warplanes are continuing to attack the compound of libyan leader moammar gadhafi in tripoli. last night, nato bombers struck an open area at the compound that appeared to be the top of a reinforced bunker. there were no reported injuries. this morning, rebels claim to have captured the besieged city of misrata. they say gadhafi's forces are with drawing. in syria this morning witnesses say security forces have opened fire on a large funeral
9:03 am
procession. at least six people have reportedly been killed. the crackdown comes one day after security forces killed 88 protesters. it was the deadliest day of the month-long uprising against the syrian government. police are still conducting an intense investigation of human remains found on a barrier island east of new york city. they're trying to develop clues to the identity of a possible serial killer that may have all right, we have having some difficult dive tut kis -- >> reporter: investigators made another gruesome discovery on friday. two teeth found near where a skull was unearthed earl kwrer this month. >> it was in very close proximity, but ultimately the m.e.'s office will reveal that they are connected. >> reporter: ten sets of human
9:04 am
remains have already been discovered along this remote stretch of beach. the teeth could be an important find. >> teeth are very hardy, and they still can have dna, even after a long period of time and that can lead you back to a victim. and that victim might lead you back to the killer. >> reporter: authorities began searching for a killer after shannon gilbert disappeared last may. she was an escort who advertised on craigslist. and went missing after visiting a client in nearby oak beach. though gilbert hasn't been found, the bodies of four other prostitutes, also in their 20s, were discovered back in december. wrapped in burlap bags. now, a profile of a possible serial killer is emerging. law enforcement sources tell cbs news he's likely white, between 25 and 40 and street smart. in a "new york times" article on friday, other criminologists put forth their theories of who the killer might be. suggesting he's likely married, or has a girlfriend is financially secure and may have
9:05 am
even sought treatment at a hospital for poison ivy. >> and that was seth doane reporting from jones beach, new york. it is about 5 minutes past the hour. time now for another check of the weather. lonnie quinn joins us for that. good morning lonnie. >> good morning to you, betty. right to my weather headlines. here's how i see it out there. it will be chilly and wet today in the northeast. take a look at the south though.. it's going to be feeling more like july 4th than an easter weekend and strong storms sparking up in the tennessee valley. this is the area i'm talking about. it's the ohio valley, the tennessee valley. even the possibility today, okay, now granted it's a moderate risk but there is a moderate chance for tornadoes to be kicked up once again, the same line that made its push through the st. louis area and you know what it did there around the airport. for little rock kentucky canton, ohio you are on alert. large hail, gusty winds a possibility. weather in our area will be pretty damp at least in the early going then we see temperatures warming up. temperatures going up to 70-
9:06 am
degrees. we do settle down a little. 60 degrees tonight with a chance of passing showers. 82 tomorrow with the sun returning and then 80 >> this weather segment sponsored the u.s. postal service. >> would you look at that. the u.p. of michigan seeing a little bit of snow. upper level snow falling out there right now. rebecca, over to you. as christians around the world celebrate easter this weekend, "60 minutes" has a fascinating report by correspondent bob simon. as he takes us to what some believe is the single most sacred spot on earth. it's mount athos in northern greece a place that hasn't been visited by a camera crew for 30 years. >> reporter: this byzantine cross marks the border between mount athos and the 21st century. the monks come here as they always have for the beauty the
9:07 am
tranquillity, and the isolation. but most of all, for this. ♪ father yakovos is one of the few americans on the mountain. he's been here more than half his life. >> you have to understand the words that we're saying in today's liturgy, are the same words that christ was saying. the same words that saints from the first century, the second century, the third century, the fourth century. >> reporter: and nothing has changed in orthodoxy since then. it's the only branch of christianity that can make that claim. the abbot, the top man, at
9:08 am
simonos. it was the abbot who invited us here and never let us forget what a rare privilege it was. >> bob simon joins us now. you look at that video and it's almost impossible to imagine just getting there. what was it like to get to the place where you covered this story? >> first of all, it took a couple of years of trying to convince the monks to get us there. because, their whole way of life is to stay away from the world. the world as we know it. so they don't like journalists much at all. but we had done a story earlier on the patriarch of the greek orthodox religion. he sort of liked us we got along. so he put a little pressure. >> he greased the wheels? >> exactly. that's how we got there. >> and then when you're there, ultimately, what is the life like that these monks lead? >> it's unbelievable. they're praying most of the day. i mean like they have one service that lasts eight hours. >> eight hours? >> yeah. and when they're not praying in church, they're praying in their cells. which is what they call their small rooms. and when not doing that they're
9:09 am
working. they're completely self-sufficient. they grow their own food. they do all the work. they hire nobody. the only people on this peninsula are monks. nobody else. and pilgrims who come to visit. so they're incredibly busy. they get about three hours sleep a night. i don't know how they do it. but you probably know. you probably don't get much more. >> we don't get a lot of sleep. but certainly their lifestyle is very different from ours. as an outsider coming in how did they receive you? you say it's all monks and pilgrims. how did they receive you when you come in? >> they're very friendly. and i think they wanted us to like the place. and we did. because it's so special. there's nothing like it in the world. it's just total peace and tranquillity and no women, which for a week is fine. but they were very forthcoming, and they let us do -- they let us go to all their services. they let us film their services which they hardly ever have done before. and we were thrilled they gave us total access to the place. >> did you get an impression
9:10 am
that there was a part of their story that was most important to them that you got across to "60 minutes" viewers? >> i think so. i mean their whole life is prayer. there's nothing but that. they don't care about anything else. and what they'll tell you is that every day their objective is to get closer to christ. and they will spend decades on mount athos without ever leaving it. they don't like to leave it. say occasionally somebody will need medical care. and will have to leave it. but, they feel very uncomfortable he they come to our world. >> what's interesting about this story, however, is that it's not just -- you imagine these monks that they must have all come from the area and gone through this together. but in your story, you talk about individuals who have come from all different places of the world to be a part of this. >> there's no place like this. so any -- anyone who has an epiphany to become a greek orthodox, his goal will be to come here. because it's the holiest spot in the world. for them.
9:11 am
and there's -- no one is in second place. and it's very tough to get into. and you don't just apply and get in. it takes years of being a novice. and they're very picky. >> mm-hmm. well, it's incredible that you were able to make it past that doorway to show us something so new. bob simon, thanks so much for being with us. we appreciate it. and you can see bob's full report on "60 minutes." that's tomorrow night at 7:00 6:00 central, right here on cbs. ertising mail campaign is paying off! business is good! it must be if you're doing all that overnight shipping. that must cost a fortune. it sure does. well, if it doesn't have to get there overnight, you can save a lot with priority mail flat rate envelopes. one flat rate to any state, just $4.95. that's cool and all... but it ain't my money. i seriously do not care... so, you don't care what anyone says, you want to save this company money! that's exactly what i was saying. hmmm... priority mail flat rate envelopes, just $4.95 only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship.
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bge's instant discounts got our homeowner to switch to energy star® cfl bulbs. 3-way cfls really click with my style. learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at peer goober has been one of the most influential figures in the entertainment industry for more than three decades. he's produced films that have earned over 50 oscar nominations from rain man to batman and he's currently the chairman and ceo of mandalay entertainment group. he's now sharing his recipe for
9:15 am
success in "tell to win" with the hidden power of story. peter guber good to have you with us. >> thanks for inviting me. >> amazon number one, chairman and ceo, all these production awards. how does it feel? and did you anticipate any of this success as a kid? >> no. it would be all a mystery to me. it would be a movie i'm watching. i never anticipated doing what i'm doing. i never expected to be in the entertainment business. never expected to write books. i told myself i want to be a teacher. and i pursued that. and then accident happened on that way to that process. >> and you are a teacher now but in addition to being a professor you have all of these incredible movies from rain man to flashdance to batman and now this book. >> right. >> of all of those successes, what would be your top? >> well, you know making movies is a collaborative process. i mean, there's thousands of people over many years, you know, batman took nine years, rain man took five years, over a
9:16 am
long, long period and you have a part in the process. no matter what your part is. you have a part in the process. when you write a book like "tell it to win" it's lonely and the next morning you say oh, this is awful. throw it away. start all over again. you're your own critic. so it's like i'm not a woman but it's like birthing a child. i am responsible. if it stinks it's my stink. if it's good it's my good. you really feel a sense of connection with it that's very different than the other art forms. and it was about a subject tell it to win that i believe i coach in school and teach the idea that we have an ability, all of us, to tell our story for our success and to move our products and our life for raises, promotions, get a job. got to take care of our kids and if you can't tell it you can't sell it. >> the book is full of advice on telling a purposeful story. >> right. >> in terms of the top pieces of advice that people need to think about, and especially now with unemployment at 9% there are a lot of people out there having
9:17 am
to tell their story on a daily basis. >> right. >> what's your advice? >> well, first of all i think the idea is you've got to get people's attention before you get their intention. so when you're going in to a tell you're going to ask your family, you're going to ask a teacher, you're going to ask for jobs. you have to ask yourself one question, how do you get their attention? how do you break through the cacophony, all the noise that's in their head? you have to be audience centric. what's in it for them? you have to be interested in them. what do they like? what's in it for them? then direct yourself through that. that's really important. the second thing which is really, really important is don't hide your goals. if you want somebody to do something, whether it's a teacher, or whether it's a coach, whether it's a parent whether it's a husband or wife whatever it is you want somebody to do something, don't hide it. because you know what they see when you're hiding? hiding. >> with rain man, you talk about some of the mistakes that you almost made in telling that story, and getting that story bought. talk about that. >> well you know when i was doing rain man at the end of the movie i went to barry levinson
9:18 am
a filmmaker, and i said to him, couldn't we have dustin hoffman just give a little wink to the crowd, where he walks toward the train station. couldn't we just give him, you know, show he's changed. are you serious? are you crazy? he's not the hero of the picture. tom cruise is the hero of the picture. because he's the person that changes. so you have to know who your hero of your picture is. who the hero of your story is. when you're using a story to move somebody, move them emotionally into action you've got to know who the hero is. know into whose shoes you want your audience to step. >> speaking of heroes. we ask everyone who comes on with "early coffee" with us who they'd like to have "early coffee" with anyone living or dead. who would yours be? >> i've had some pretty interesting coffees and drinks. nelson mandela to fidel castro to gorbachev. i've had some pretty cool people i met in my lifetime. so i think my life is people i met have been phenomenal. that i've had the experience of. that's what my life's about. my life's about the people i met. those are the experience that i
9:19 am
met an lied. but i thought about some people i'd like to meet. i would like to meet mother teresa. i want to know, is she really -- does she really have that essence, that magic that happens without -- without saying anything. does she tell her story without saying anything? and i always thought that would be somebody who gave her life to such a cause, and did it so purposefully, i'd like to meet her and talk to her. >> peter guber, thanks so much for telling your story here today and so much great advice for our audience. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> and to read an excerpt from "tell it to win" go to our website now here's russ. >> up next this saturday forget going to the gym. surprising ways to lose weight at home, and even in bed. you're watching the "early" show on cbs. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] people everywhere are helping save trees in just 4 weeks without even noticing.
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9:22 am
with summer right around the corner you may be looking to shed some pounds but don't always have enough time to exercise or get to the gym. well cynthia sass registered dietitian and author of "cinch: conquer gravings drop pounds and lose inches" is here to show us how to burn calories at the
9:23 am
office, at home even while sleeping. good to see you. >> thank you. >> you've got some tips for us in a second. do these really work? >> they do. the human being is designed to move right? so we need to get up from that chair. research found sitting six hours or more a day ups the risk of dying from heart failure by 54%. we need to get your bodies moving. >> losing weight at the office. sitting at the desk. >> so we just need to stand up. so stand up when you're able and even if you pace at your office you can burn an extra 100 calories a day. if you did that without changing anything else in your lifestyle you could lose ten pounds of body fat in a year. that's ten tubs of crisco. just get up from the desk. >> fidgeting is a good way. >> for those people who kind of can't sit still you can burn 800 calories a day. that's amazing. just kind of tapping your toes moving around a little bit. this is the ee kwifent of a one-hour spinning class just by fidgeting. >> who knew? and this one obviously all these
9:24 am
surprise me but this one was shocking. you can relax. relaxing and lose weight. how is that? >> believe it or not, we turn calories 24 hours a day, even when we're sleeping. so seven hours of sleep, which hopefully we're all getting at least that burns 200 calories. and that's the equivalent of about two tablespoons of peanut butter. even when your heart's beating, your lungs are working, you are burning calories even when you sleep. not getting enough can up the hunger hormones and cause you to produce more cortisol which is a stress hormone that increases belly fat. instead of watching tv get that rest. >> this one is shocking as well. surfing the web? you can lose weight? >> the reason we put this one on here because you burn about 100 calories an hour surfing the win, whereas watching television alone only burns about 65 calories an hour. so if you're watching tv surf at the same time and you can burn more calories because you're just moving your fingers more. a little bit more movement in there. it's the equivalent of jumping rope for ten minutes. >> just moving your fingers. >> absolutely. any little movement helps. >> this goes without saying. while you're sitting at your
9:25 am
desk, you can't be eating a snickers bar. >> that's right. that counteracts the effect here. >> any other unassuming places at home? >> cooking. so you can burn about half your meal off by cooking it yourself instead of getting take-out or just popping something in the microwave. 150 calories an hour by cooking, chopping peeling, things like that. that's the equivalent of 30 minutes of water aerobics. so go ahead and cook your dinner. >> just don't snack. >> don't nibble while you're cooking. >> doing loads of laundry. >> yes. so again just kind of standing up, moving taking that basket loading up into the laundry, taking it out of the washer and putting it in the drier, 156 calories an hour. you're going to burn off the equivalent of about two glasses of wine. so that adds up. instead of sending that launldry out, do it yourself. >> this is probably the most -- this next part got the most attention from our staff. you say you can lose weight when you're with someone. >> yes. giving your partner amassage for one hour, you are giving your partner that gift of a massage, the gift that you are getting back is that you're burning 230
9:26 am
calories. it's like getting a strength training workout. and it can lead to the next activity which is a horizontal workout, having sex, 270 calories an hour. which is pretty great, right? it's fun, too. and it burns off the equivalent of a frosted cupcake. so, you can enjoy that cupcake and then work it off. >> the key part of this is per hour. >> that's right. >> it has to last an hour. >> that's what people need to know. okay. any substitute for these activities at all? >> anything that you can do just to get moving walk your dog, if you don't have a dog, borrow a neighbor's dog. get out there with your kids. do something like twister instead of a video game. just move your body. >> all good stuff. you say it all works. >> it does. it all ass up. >> a frosted cupcake, 270 calories? >> yeah. >> all right. thank you so much. we'll see you next time. still ahead, the new trend setter with a royal twist. going to show you how to wear your hair just like kate middleton.
9:27 am
you think she went to the beauty parlor this week and had a couple of hairstyles done.
9:28 am
9:29 am
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get fios. a network ahead. you know what this weather is perfect for? >> what's that? >> watching "the early show." a little drizzle in new york city. so cozy up at home. i mean there's a little drizzle and a lot more of it actually around the country this morning. >> that's right. >> welcome to the "early" show i'm rebecca jarvis. >> and i'm russ mitchell. >> kate middleton has become an instant trend setter and style icon with phenomenal hair. with less than a week before she marries prince william we're going to show you how to look a lot like a princess and style your hair just like kate. >> did i make that up or did i see she went to the hairdresser a couple weeks ago?
9:31 am
>> yes. everybody is following her every move. she can't do anything without a camera. >> tomorrow, of course is easter. so chef allison fishman is here to prepare a great easter dinner for four on a shoestring budget. deviled eggs roast rack of lamb, and black cherry pie. sounds delicious. >> absolutely. >> all coming up. but first mr. lonnie quinn has our final check of the weather. >> good morning to you, russ. rebecca. good morning, everybody. here are the weather headlines. i want to start off by talking about the hot spots and chilly temperatures all across the country. so let's take a tour, shall we? the hottest spot today will be pecos, texas. 94 degrees. coldest spot jackson, wyoming drops down to 14 degrees. the best weather, i'm talking not too hot, not too cold go to tupelo mississippi. i just like the name of that town tupelo. tupelo-ians lots 6 sunshine for you. if you look at the satellite picture. there's a lot more than drizzle for some parts of the country. the ohio and tennessee valley. some of that could become severe
9:32 am
today. and then it really doesn't move too much for tomorrow. here's your easter forecast. egg harbor wisconsin. 58 tomorrow. sunshine basket new york 68 with a chance for a little bit of rain. lily georgia, 87. bonnet creek, florida, 85. >> all right, it's that time for lonnie's shout-out. this morning the shotout goes to thomasville, georgia. they are celebrating the 90th year of the thomasville road show and festival. that's right roses. but in addition to roses they have more roses, and even more roses. lots of roses, people. plus parades, dancing, food, and get this most everything is
9:33 am
free. got to like that price. so thank you to everybody for watching "the early show" on wfwg in georgia. that's where my mind is right now. russ over to you. >> lonnie do they have roses there by chance? >> yes, they have some roses. >> thanks guys. thank you so much. earth week may be winding down but it turns out today may very well be the best day to help the planet. here with advice on how to get some great green freebies is green expert. danny, it's great to see you. >> been a great earth week. today is the last day of earth week. but they say good things come to those that wait. and so we've got some amazing offers that are only available today. >> okay. >> only going to be announced on "the early show." so if you're watching right now, you want to grab a pen and paper or go to the website afterwards because there's some amazing freebies right here. >> let's begin in the pantry. >> so recycling. we all recycle. curbside recycling. this is a program from recycle bank. call your trash hauler and see if they participate in the recycle bank program.
9:34 am
it's like frequent flyer miles for when you recycle. the more you recycle in your special bin, the special code the more points you get online that you can redeem for gift cards and coupons. if you don't have this program in your community, you can get an account at it's like groupon for green deeds. the more things you do like recycle coffee boxes, ziploc bags you earn all these points you can redeem for coupons, discounts, free things at restaurants. it's a great thing to save money and do something great for the planet. >> i didn't know that. let's talk about this. lowe's home improvement. free trees. >> 500 trees for every lowe's store. it's absolutely free of charge. no cost whatsoever. here's another thing, if you buy other trees at lowe's like shrubs perennials and let's say you have a brown thumb, save your receipt. because they all come with a one-year guarantee. so bring the dead tree and the receipt and they'll give you a free tree to exchange for it. they're not going to replace your free tree, by the way.
9:35 am
>> all right. and that's just today. >> just today. first 500 for every store. >> also sears. you can take some stuff back like batteries and get a deal? >> auto batteries, lawnmower batteries, sports equipment batteries, they're all recyclable. for every battery you have you can get a $10 sears gift card up to three gift cards. it's a great time to enter your garage can you imagine getting $30 for three old car batteries. >> batteries the only thing that fall into that category? >> big, heavy car batteries, lawnmower batteries. not like your remote control batteries. but this is just today, also, too. so you can only go today to sears auto centers and get this for your free gift card. >> a bet a lot of us we've got some electronic trash there. >> this is from my actual like office right here. like an old laptop old digital cameras. all personal electronics. i took this to best buy, they'll tell you in the store what the value of it for recycling is. this is $164 for old electronic trash. they'll give you more value either in cash or they'll give you a little bit more value in a gift card. your choice.
9:36 am
if you're shopping at best buy already, might as well get more on the gift card. >> this is all your stuff. 160 bucks? >> sometimes it's worthless. like this old disc drive, they're like this is worth nothing. but the gps that kind of broke i got like 50 bucks for it. cash for trash right here. >> another exclusive today for "early" show viewers. bottled water. >> this is terrible. we throw away 32 billion of these bottles every year in landfills in the united states. this is a great product from sip and go. this is free for "early" show viewers. the first 1500 people who go on buy sip n and type in the word "early" show at the shopping cart. freeshipship. absolutely positively free for celebrating earth day. >> the address is right there. >> use that code. first 1500 people. >> okay. this has been around for years or this is the first day we're seeing these types of deals? >> i think we're getting more and more green as a country and it's great that companies are finding ways to give incentives. recycle bank and it's easy it's
9:37 am
nationwide. we should do it every day. but today. >> okay. >> thank you so much. thank you so much. here's rebecca. >> thank you, russ. coming up next looking like a princess. we're going to show you how to wear your hair just like kate middleton right here on "the early show" on cbs. presenting miracle-gro liquafeed. the only garden feeder... that works with ready-to-use liquid miracle-gro. it's a revolutionary way to grow a great garden. liquafeed makes feeding as easy as watering. no measuring mixing or guessing. just attach, insert and feed. plants get the perfect balance... of water and nutrients... to grow twice as big. liquafeed from miracle-gro. and prevent weeds up to 3 months with miracle-gro garden weed preventer. ♪ there's another way to minimize litter box odor: purina tidy cats.
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9:40 am
in the '70s figure skater dorothy hamill had that famous wedge cut when she won olympic gold in 1976. and charlie's angel farrah fawcett feathered mane was copied by millions and there's the famous rachel made famous by jennifer aniston. now kate middleton has the cut everyone wants. here to show us how to get it is l'oreal paris consulting stylest johnny. kate has three signature looks. one is that straight look we see her out and about with. there's her signature look. how, johnny do we achieve this in real life? >> it's really sim. that's why people love kate because she's simple chic. and all the looks she wears are very obtainable and realistic for everyday women. what i did was just blow her hair out with a large, round brush to get body and curled it with a large curling iron and pinned it to set the curls a bit. i've only put three curls in there. >> and it has a little bend on
9:41 am
the bottom just like she wears it. >> and you simply want to run your fingers through it. and the key is to use a really great hair spry. my favorite is the hair spray by l'oreal paris. it really will hold the look into place. >> if a woman is doing this at home what are some of the tricks to make sure it works out this way like you've done it professionally? >> it's really letting the hair cool down once you put the curl on the end. it's going to fall throughout the day. that's what makes the hair spray so great. it will give it that hold but it's a touchable look that you can -- >> you can definitely see the likeness to kate. let's take a look at the side by side photos of johnny's work and kate. >> it's really simple. really quick. just run your fingers through it. >> she is a simple girl. but she sometimes does wear her hair half up. let's take a look at that look because she has this lovely you know back half up hair look and she also has some of that curl. how would you achieve that? >> what i did is i used a
9:42 am
clipless curling iron more of a curling wand. why i did this is because it gives it a more even spiraly curl. so it's not that pageant hair. >> you don't have the clamp? >> and it's a little easier and very quick. then all you have to do again is use a little hair spray, and >> pulling it back? >> pulling it back. pulling it back and that's the trick, you see how i'm gist using my hands. >> mm-hmm. >> because it's all right to look a little undone and a little, you know -- >> so the unevenness actually adds to the look as opposed to having to perfect it? >> exactly. and you can use a plain barrette. we're going to go with a little bling to dress it up here. pull it back. >> and let's take a look at the side by side. very nice. >> yes. >> you have achieved it. speaking of bling, though i want to make sure we get to this last piece of bling because kate is so famous for all of her hats. this one was brand-new to me called a fascinator.
9:43 am
and that's what some of her continuier hats are. tell us how you would put a fascinator in? >> for a fur. she's not afraid to take a fashion risk. you don't want to have the hair overpower the fascinator. because then it can be too much too costumey. all i'm going to do is just spray again, for a little texture. gather her hair into a side ponytail. and you see, it's all right to have a little pieces fall down. really quick and easy. >> and kind of having it off to the side there. >> having it off to the side. because the fascinator is quite a statement so we're going to balance it off because we're going to put that on one side the hair on the other, for a little balance. >> this has a nice little string attached so when you ultimately put it on the fascinator goes underneath the hair? >> what i'm going to do is put the elastic underneath the ponytail. >> and there you have it.
9:44 am
>> that's cute. let's see the side by side. johnny you did phenomenal work. and you taught everyone how to do it at home. thank you so much for johnny and ladies. for more on the royal wedding go to now here's russ. >> okay, thank you very much rebecca. up next a skinny cook you can trust. chef allison fishman will show you how to make a delicious easter dinner for under 40 bucks. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. you're getting calls from his teacher he's impulsive in class. and his inattention makes focusing on homework tough. i know how it is because my son has adhd too. i didn't know all i could do to help manage his adhd. our doctor suggested a treatment plan with non-stimulant intuniv. [ male announcer ] once daily non-stimulant intuniv has been shown to reduce adhd symptoms. don't take if allergic to intuniv or are taking guanfacine. intuniv may cause serious side effects, such as low blood pressure, low heart rate, fainting, and sleepiness.
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9:47 am
this morning's "chef on a shoestring," a delicious and healthy easter dinner cooked by allison fishman, co-author of lifetime's "cook yourself thin" and author of "you can trust the skinny cook." she's going to make our holiday dinner for four on a budget of under 40 bucks. thank you for coming in. happy holidays to you. >> you, too. we're starting with deviled eggs roast rack of lamb moroccan carrots and cherty foodie. this is a very simple deviled egg. something i love about it
9:48 am
because you can actually have two of these for under 100 calories. you're going to feel good about that, right? >> definitely. >> a little paprika on top. you can do chives and i love the jalapeno. great flavor no additional calories. >> i'm going to try this later. because it could get dicey. they love to show me having food moments. >> i understand. the lamb now. >> so lamb we've got a hot skillet right here. going to heat some oil in there. rack of lamb is one of those end greed ingredients that's a little pricey but there are good values out there now. the grocery stores want you to have a good dinner. >> what's the line from my big fat greek wedding? he don't eat no meat that's okay. we make lamb. >> it's a great line. all i'm doing with the lamb now is seasoning it with a little bit of salt and pepper. and then we'll put it right into that nice hot skillet. you can see it was smoking a little bit. that's good news. you want it to be nice and hot.
9:49 am
listen to this. >> all right. >> just salt and pepper? >> just salt and pepper. the first step on this lamb is to get it cooked. we're going to take it to the oven. you want to do that now? there's a hot one in there. do a little tradeout. >> sounds good. >> my trusty mitts here. >> exactly. >> rebecca's making fun of me over this one. >> we've got a beautiful golden crust on this guy. look at that. thank you. that's exactly what you want. when they say why are you cooking it first? that's why. you want that beautiful color now we're going to coat it with a little bit of mist ard and a little bit of those bread crumbs. you want to help me out? >> you tell me what to do. >> i'm going to paint it. again mustard and lamb are natural partners. it's spacy, cuts through the fat. cuts through the richness. you can go ahead and i'll demo one for you. pat these bread crumbs on. a little bit of mint a little bit of parsley, some chives.
9:50 am
so again, more vivid herby delicious flavors. to really enhance that rich flavor. >> take me through the thyme again. time on the stove and time in the oven. >> this is -- >> oh, be careful. you want a mitt? >> yeah. okay. okay thank you. you've been cooking for a long time you sort of get used to it. six minutes on the stove. about five minutes in the oven. you want it to come to 125 before you coat it, put it back in the oven for the final toast of the bread crumbs. >> looks delicious. we've got dessert. >> also moroccan carrots, simply carrots beautifully cut. more herbs, scallions, mint, parsley, cumin. so delicious. >> we'll try some of these. tell me about this. what did you call this? >> the mystery dessert. very very simple it's basically a crepe poured over fruit, and baked. so this is a beautiful bowl of fruit. you could also use cherries. cherries are traditional but look at this fruit. >> and then you put a simple custard batter over the top.
9:51 am
this is just a little bit of egg, milk sugar. >> all right. >> pour it right over and into the oven. >> how long are we going to leave this in the oven? >> about 30 minutes. >> my partners come in and try some of this. only 30 minutes. all right. and when it's done it looks like that right there? >> like that. >> all right. >> betty want to try? >> i thought you'd never ask. >> there you go. >> moroccan carrots are calling my name. >> incredibly easy. >> i like the jalapeno on top of it. great. delicious. >> makes it very devilish. >> i love the cherries in here. >> the cherries are very sweet. it's a simple -- >> not too sweet, though. >> right now, each week we compare totals on a leader board. whichever chef has the lowest total at the end of the year wins comes back to claim a big trophy and $100,000 prize. >> what? >> just kidding about that last one. they can spend whatever they want it. let's see how chef allison did. well, you know what you didn't make the top three.
9:52 am
>> but you did get an oven mitt. >> it is easter. thumbs up everybody? >> this is delicious. >> tastes awesome. top three, definitely. >> oh, thank you so much. i'm really glad you like it. >> don't forget the mitt. >> you can find these recipes at chef allison fishman, thank you for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> thanks a lot. >> happy holidays. >> happy holidays. >> can't wait to try those. don't go away we're coming right back. >> this chef chef segment sponsored by new all free clear oxi-x. tough on stains, gentle on skin. [ female announcer ] we all want cleaner laundry. we all want a world with fewer chemicals. we all want the best of both worlds. introducing all free clear oxi-active. a powerful
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any muscle pain or weakness. this may be a sign of a rare but serious side effect. great ride down. if you have high cholesterol you may be at increased risk of heart attack and stroke. don't kid yourself. talk to your doctor about your risk and about lipitor. i've got to go on a great assignment recently. got to meet the legendary gospel singer mavis staples for a segment which will air tomorrow morning on "cbs news sunday morning." she spoke about how her father helped turn the staples singers into god's greatest hitmakers.
9:56 am
>> we have to sing in the club. see, the people in the club, they won't go to church. so we have to take the church to them. >> she has got a million stories. and we get through about half of them tomorrow on cbs news sunday morning. my interview with mavis staples tomorrow on cbs news "sunday morning." a fantastic lady. >> a lot of plumb assignments you get over there, too. >> it's a great broadcast. >> also we don't want to forget tomorrow night at 7:00 on easter sunday "60 minutes" will take you inside one of the most sacred places on earth, mount athos in greece and that is where bob simon took us a little bit earlier in today's program. but there's so much to this story. he has so many wonderful elements that you will see tomorrow night on "60 minutes." and obviously something very significant for a very serious and holy day for many people as well. >> exactly. talked about a great broadcast. >> a lot of good stuff coming on cbs. why would you want to leave? you know. >> and there's that whole royal
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wedding all next week. have a great holiday, everyone. >> we'll see you back here next week. oh wow, look at that. [ shrek ] calm down donkey. it's vacation time! ohhhhh who says ogres can't surf? nice moves fiona!
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